Asking for suggestioins between two PSU's

I would like suggestions between two PSU's. Of If someone cares to offer a better option, similar to the two I'm considering, at like size and cost that also would be welcome. Both are similar in price and power. I'm considering between these two.

Corsair CX Series 500w modular
Antec BP550 Plus 550w modular.

Thanks in advance to any that would offer a suggestion.

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    Neither are terrible, neither are fantastic. I don't know what your budget is exactly, or where you are looking.
    If I was spending extra money on a modular PSU, I probably wouldn't do it on a basic power supply, which is part of why there isn't a massive amount of entry level modular PSUs. Corsair has obviously spotted a gap, hence the CX M-series.
    Personally, I'd either go basic non modular and better quality, or spend a bit more and get something that ticks both boxes.

    Good ranges to consider - Rosewill Capstone M (good value, 80plus gold rated), Antec HCG-M, XFX Pro, Seasonic M12II (All 3 are very similar internally, usually 80plus Bronze rated, made by Seasonic).
  2. bp of course.
  3. Get a CX 600 for the same price?
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  5. cheerios
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