Rosewill challenger and hyper 212 evo

I'm just wondering if the hyper 212 will fit a rosewill challenger case I have heard it does but my main question is if I will be able to use the two slots for fans on the window panel I wana know if the hyper 212 will get in the way of the fan slots on window panel
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  1. Yes it barely fits
  2. yes it will
  3. The top fan mount of the panel will be blocked. The bottom fan mount will be unobstructed.
  4. biggy. not the end of the world.
  5. Ty guys really appreciate it
  6. anytime dude :)
  7. If any can suggest any cpu cooler for a am3 cpu phenom ii x4 965 that will fit in the case and not obstruct fans on panel I'm not planning to do any ocing I just need something quite something that will keep temps down while gaming something cheap also 40 and below
  8. hyper 212+
  9. So the 212+ will not get in the way? @iceclock
  10. The Hyper 212 will get in the way. The CM TX3 is a shorter tower cooler, but probably still to tall to allow use of the upper fan on the side panel. The Arctic cooler I have linked below will allow you to use both side fans. I've never used this one so can't offer a recommendation, but I have used a similar model by Thermaltake that worked well.
  11. Lol thank I was just look at this one or even the one that is lower
  12. yes it will work just means u cant use a fan where the coolers going. cuz a fan on the side panel woulnt fit.

    big deal
  13. Alright thx already know which one I'm getting
  14. excellent :D
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