3+ 23' 1080 monitors, 660 ti or 7970?

Im just wondering if it would be worth waiting for the 660 since it will be cheaper or the 7970 will just rape 3 monitors?

Not really for games, more for an office, a lot of photoshop, office, etc
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  1. The 660 will not be able to handle three monitors unless you go SLI with them
  2. hes not gaming. it will work
  3. Of course it's worth the wait! You'll also avoid the need of display port adapter.
  4. if it was for non gaming, you don't even technically have to go that high, unless you're doing compute work or gaming. even a low end gpu can technically handle 3 screens on basic use.
  5. Thats what im wondering I mean theres a freaking HD 5000 series card currently powering 2 screens
  6. My 5870 powers 3 high res screens, two @ 1920x1080 and one @ 2560x1440. If you just want to do Photoshop or something easy like that, you can do it with any Eyefinity card.
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