Will the 660ti be good enough for me?

Well, I need to buy a graphics card and a hard-drive, with that being said, I am not looking to spend more than $300 on a graphic's card, which is why the 660ti is in my crosshairs. I have a 1920x1080 monitor an i5-3570k and I definitely plan on overclocking the 660ti. I mainly want to play games such as bf3,skyrim etc. at 60fps+ at fairly high settings. I wanted to get people's opinions on it so I don't go spending the money on it when it comes out then regretting it. Obviously we don't know too much on it yet, other than a few people who got the 660ti early, but judging off what we do know, do you think it will be a great purchase for me? Or is there another graphics card that is around the same price and will likely offer better performance?
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  1. Tweaktown seems to think it'll be the cat's meow.

    "It's hard to fault NVIDIA's upcoming GEFORCE GTX 660 Ti and for good reason. You're talking about a video card that is rumored to hit at the mid-$200 range yet performs like a video card priced $100 more. In this case we're talking about the HD 7950 specifically. You could argue that it can be compared against the more expensive HD 7970 at times, too."

    "To be completely honest, though, the overclocking on the GTX 660 Ti could've been poor and we would continue to think extremely highly of it. The fact that we're seeing over 1100MHz via boost with no voltage adjustment makes us feel even more excited about the model and even more excited about what partners will offer us in the near future."
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