Haswell and DDR3 native support

Will Haswell natively support DDR3 1600 or 1866?
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  1. Anyone knows?
  2. I think Ivy Bridge does that already.
  3. Ivy Bridge supports 1600.
    I want to know what Haswell supports. 1600 or 1866?
  4. Ivy Bridge supports well over 1600, I think 2800 max. I doubt they will remove that feature from Ivy Bridge when they move on to Haswell.
  5. I am talking about native support. The motherboard can support over 2400, but native support can be problematic sometimes. Sandy Bridge supports 1333, when I put core i3 2100 on an MSI H77MA-G43 motherboard, my 1600 DDR3 Corsair Vengeance only runs at 1333. I have the bios upgraded to the latest version but it didn't help.
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