First time build: Water Cooling? Yay or nay?

I will be building my first machine in 2013 once the next gen of intel comes out as well as the GTX 780. The reason I'm waiting is because my machine has a 570 in it and an i5 2500k and I plan to upgrade every 2 generations. I bought this machine used off a friend who built it himself and its air cooled.

So for my first build, should I be going with air or water cooling for the CPU only? How difficult is it? I am not a complete dullard in the area of technology, and I have figured out how to do lots of things on my own. I've changed parts on a PC for other people on my own before, I've just never done a build from scratch and never done water cooling.

And the case I will be using is the NZXT Switch 810, with an ASUS Z77 Sabertooth mobo(Unless the socket for the intel core i5 4xxx(The next-gen equivalent of the i5 3570k is what I will be purchasing, unless I have an extra couple bucks kicking around I'll get the next-gen equivalent of the i7 3770k just for shits and giggles.) I have heard the case supports 3x140 rads, or am I wrong?

TL;DR? Water cooling next-gen equivalent of i5 3570k, in a NZXT Switch 810, what radiator should I get, and what other components do I need? If you can, please include the fan types and sizes I will need for the rad as well.
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  1. Anyone? :(
  2. The quick reply is read the stickies in the water cooling forum, I was planning on water cooling my next rig, planned upgrade from my current rig about the same time you plan on building yours, but I can't see the money being worth it except for bragging rights. You can do better than the all in one kits for less than a 100$ on air, to really water cool like a pro, you're looking at a 200$ investment that isn't gonna take you a lot further than a simple air cooler like the Noctua or Phanteks. Some mechanical knowledge will take you a long way, some physics knowledge can get you the rest of the way, and once you're in, it doesn't seem like you're likely to not go that route. Us air cooled will always be in awe of the water cooled custom loops. It's like pimpin' your Honda. Do you need 900 horsepower? Will you ever get to drive it faster than the speed limit + a few miles per hour? I guess it's the same step as making your own computer. When you know what you're doing it's easy, and there are kits out there for 200 - 300$ that'll do ya right, and maybe move from a kit to ordering all the parts on your own next time. Internet and Google are your friends.
  3. Have you read the watercooling? It's best you read it answers all your questions and more sticky
  4. Yeah read the water cooling forum. If you want to get water cooling, do it. But don't do it expecting better value or whatever. Do it for fun if you do it.
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