Computer cant find sound card.

in my first install of windows 8 the sound card was there and was registered. after installing wrong windows media center key I had to reinstall windows and everything else. the computer no longer sees my sound blaster x-fi titanium hd card.
I uninstalled everything for the card and reseated the card but still the computer can not find it. Motherboard is p8z77 -v pro / thunderbolt. I guess tomorrow I could try another pci slot :(.
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  1. Try installing driver from manufacturer's website:
  2. why are you using a soundcard in the firstplace? are you a music producer?
  3. Yep, drivers are what is most likely.

    I had a similar opinion until recently. My ASUS Xonar DGX is a lot better than integrated audio and the headphone amp is pretty nice feature. Means you can deliver a lot more power to the headset to drive the sound, its a noticeable difference.
  4. ok great...ive seen guys with cheap speakers get like 200$ asus soundcards...but ya good headphones + a soundcard is ok.
  5. thanks everyone I will try the drivers from the web. one of the reasons for the sound card is that I listen to a lot of internet radio and thought it would give a better sound.
  6. this is what I get after I download the driver and try to install it.

    Unable to detect a supported product on your system.
    ensure it is properly installed before running setup

    I cant find it in device manager. I do see audio devices but think that's from mobo
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