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I just upgraded to an IBM 70G Deskstar. Was told that the upgraded MB Bios would support it at ATA100. IT Does Not! (only ATA 33)

Question (1)if I get an IDE Controller card will I get better performance?
(2) I use both Primary and Sec. IDE Slots on MB. Can i disable them when I install an IDE Controller card, and connect everything to it, to save IRG's?

My PC runs at 450Mhz.
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  1. You would get better performance off of the controller card seeing as your system only supports DMA 33 (mode 2), but you won't get any increased performance off of ATAPI CD Rom devices. You could leave the CD Rom devices on the motherboard and just move the Ultra DMA devices over to the controller card ...

    I myself would go with the controller card ...

    <font color=red>BIOS updates do wonders ....</font color=red>
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