Overclocking i5 3570k

Wasup :)

Recently bought a new 1155 mobo, 850w psu, i5 3570k and 2x 4gb ram sticks to go into a rig

Main focus is on the i5! Was wondering if i could get some insight on overclocking it to 4ghz with the fan that originally came with it or if i need something meatier? Just asking since i've read around and seen that the 3570k is no hassle to overclock at all

And also if anyone can leave any input on other things to consider such as risks and whatnot it would be much appreciated :)
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  1. The short answer:

    NO, your stock cooler will not work with overclocking. The best buy is the Coolermaster Hypo E212 EVO


    This should put you way past 4GHz.

    Then look at any of dozens of YouTube videos:

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