AVR and Surge Protector Setup for my PC

I know about UPS that it has the features of both plus it can supply me power when there is a outage in power but I'm on a tight budget so I cannot consider buying a UPS now, that is why I'm looking at this budget alternative. I already have an AVR and I don't know if it comes with some surge protection (I'm a noob about this :cry:)

Since my PC will be far from the wall socket. I will be using a normal extension socket which will be plugged by the Surge Protector. I have two setups in mind:

1.) Wall Socket > Normal Extension Socket > Surge Protector > AVR > Computer & Monitor, Speakers

2.) Wall Socket > Normal Extension Socket > AVR > Surge Protector > Computer & Monitor, Speakers

Which of the two setups is better?

Please tell me if an AVR alone or a Surge Protector alone is enough. :bounce:

:hello: I also have an additional question. Does it make a difference if I plug the AVR/Surge Protector to the Extension Socket rather than plugging it directly to the Wall Socket? :hello:

Thanks for those who will answer! :love:
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  1. ANYONE? :(
  2. I think the first option will do ;)
  3. What's the brand and model of the AVR unit?
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