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guys i have recently installed cooler master hyper tx3 evo and its all fine , cpu temp is near 26c to 30c. but i want to that my cooler fan is rotating at full speed @ 100% i.e. 2868 R.P.M. is this normal ? , i mean its at full speed all the time. thank u :sarcastic:
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  1. Check in the BIOS settings for the fan speed, it may be set to 100%. Also check that you havent plugged it into the PWR_FAN header, that will run it 100% at all times.

    Or if I just misunderstood the question and you want it running full speed. Take the above advice and reverse it I guess :lol:.
    Just expect it to sound like a jet engine at that speed.
  2. You can easily control your CPU Cooler's fan speed with such programs as "SpeedFan". Just note that the only fans which RPMs can be controlled, are 4-pin fans.
    You CAN control (actually just "diminish to some extent", rather than "real control") 3-pin fan's speeds, but only with special "resistor" plugs.
    You can also easily control any fans in your build if you install "Fan Controller" hardware. For example, Scythe's "Kaze Server" or NZXT's "Sentry".
  3. Hello,
    there is no setting in bios for fan speed, and i cant afford a fan controller bcoz i have just recently purchased cpu cooler :( .it is normal that fan is at its full speed and will it make any harm to cooler or cpu if it currently revolve at that speed.
  4. It is fine. Nothing bad will happen. Default Intel's stock cooler's fans tend to spin at 3000+RPM on 100% and they work just fine (just loud), and they can be controlled too.
    As I said, look at your Motherboard's and CPU Cooler's Fan Connectors. If they are 4-pin, then you can control it's RPM very easily, with such simple software as "SpeedFan".
    Just download this program and install it, then try lowering percentage in the "Speed02" section (this is usually your CPU Cooler's Fan).
    You can also monitor temperatures in the that same program, so if something goes too hot, you can always up your CPU Cooler's RPM back up.
    My CPU Cooler's fans are just at 20% of their maximum RPM right now, and I'm at 4.4GHz, and everything works just fine. Do not worry, nothing bad will happen to your CPU Cooler or your CPU. It is VERY hard to damage modern CPUs by overheating them (almost impossible, actually), they have build-in preventive security measures for that.
    You'll most likely to fry/melt your motherboard faster, than something happens to CPU at all. %)
  5. but guys the fan is quiet even at max speed
  6. Then it's a very good CPU Cooler. >: )
  7. damn thanx brother, seriously thank u,i downloaded speedfan and lower fan speed to 50% is it ok or should i lower more?
    and what is pwn2 and pwn 3 which are running at 56% and 50% repectively and what is that fire type symbol in front of my gpu? and what is automatic fan speed and what should i do so that it save my settings?
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    radeonhd5450 said:
    Is it enough or should I lower more?

    Depends on your personal preference. If it's not silent enough and temperatures aren't big enough to worry (usually higher than 68c), you can pretty much lower it even more.
    If temperatures are higher than comfortable, you obviously should up RPMs.

    radeonhd5450 said:
    What is pwn2 & pwn3 which are running at 56% and 50%.

    Probably your case's fans. If they're 4-pin types, then you can control them too.

    radeonhd5450 said:
    What is that fire symbol in front of my GPU?

    Means temperature rised high a bit way too fast.
    Usually it's nothing to worry about, look at temps, not icons. If temps are too high (for GPUs it's usually 85c+), then you should worry about it, if not - ignore. %)
    When you're gaming/watching HD videos/working with graphics, GPU's temps always rise fast, so that symbol really isn't significant at all.

    radeonhd5450 said:
    What is automatic fan speed?

    It changes your CPU Cooler's Fan's speed automatically, depending on current temperature, but it's not very accurate, so it's better not to use that, in my personal opinion.

    radeonhd5450 said:
    How to save settings?

    SpeedFan is a very simple program. Unfortunately, at the current moment the only way how you can keep your fan speed settings changed is by not turning this program off.
    Just minimize it into a tray and don't worry about it, it takes little to none resources so it won't affect anything in your OS.

    Remember: in SpeedFan's window "Temp1" is usually your CPU's temperature, while "HD0" is usually your HDD's temperature. "Remote" is usually GPU's temperature.
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  10. thanks brother for your valuable time.........:D thanks
  11. You are always welcome. Have a nice day/night and I wish you the best of results.
  12. I'm just about to buy the same cooler in next few days, so it's nice to see that it is quite quiet on high speeds, as it was my main concern.
    On the other side it's strange to see that fan speed was not controlled from the start by the system alone, as this concrete cooler is PWM 4-pin compatible.
    I don't know what you motherboard is, but on recent Gigabyte mobos, there is option in bios to let system control fan speed (pwm or voltage mode), judging by cpu temp.
  13. BIOS' PWM controls are usually quite crappy and inaccurate, so it's better to use 3-rd party soft like SpeedFan (or even Fan Controllers) instead.
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