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Hi guys,
first time posting, just after some advice on my fan positions / anything I can change to obtain a better airflow / lower temperatures.

As of now I am currently running;
14mm back chassis fan blowing outwards.
2x 14mm side chassis fans blowing outwards.
18mm front chassis fan blowing inwards,
and my h100 cooling system blowing inwards.

I see nothing wrong with the temperatures I'm getting at the moment, however If I can change something for the better, why not?
Any help / opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. There is no way to know. You could try flipping the side fans and see how that effects things. But the only way is trying.
  2. Since you have a water cooler on the top, there's no real way to change your setup.

    Normally, if you didn't have a watercooler on top, I would recommend to have the side being intake, and the top being outtake, as well as the back being outtake, and front being intake. You don't want to fight the laws of convection.
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