Page fault hell! millions of page faults


2 x intel xeon 5645 2.4GHz
asus z8pe-dx12 mainboard
asus gtx 680

i am long time mac user and recently switched to a pc :)
the rig is mainly used for 3D animation/motion design work and performs really well rendering in C4D but i have other performance issues: firefox hangs, youtube (or any other flash streaming) stutters, the occasional game i play stutters.

when checking out the page faults it really bugs me out. firefox has a about 2 million page faults after 20 min. same goes for the flash plugin. games get 50 million page faults after about 20 min. thats way to high right?

i still got 6 dimm slots available. would it help to double my ram?
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  1. I'm REALLY hoping you installed X64...
  2. Did you install the 6*4GB RAM as 3 for CPU1 and 3 for CPU2 or all in one bank? And what os are you using?
  3. I should not have told you to check your page faults :lol:

    For your gaming and surfing, set a BIOS profile that shuts down one of the sockets/DIMM banks.

    FF has always been a bugger at memory usage, and using a NUMA arch only compounds the problems.
  4. ^^ Still a bit high on the page faults for Internet usage though...especially with that amount of RAM. Its not like there isn't any room to store stuff...
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