Which way to upgrade ?

Hey, i currently have:

FX-8120 @ 4.0ghz (hyper 212 evo)
990fxa-ud3 mobo
2x4gb vengeance corsair ddr3 ram
asus directcu 2 top gtx 560 925mhz
corsair force gt 90gb os + games
wd 5400rpm 320gb hdd storage
corsair gs600
bitfenix merc beta (superbad airflow)

Now, im on a budget and i was wondering which way to upgrade?:

MSI PE 670
Corsair 500R (better airflow)
Corisar H100 (better cooling for 4.6-4.8 range overclock)


i5 3570k
Gigabyte z77 mobo

I play BF3, Dota2, CS:GO and also stream them on my twitch channel at 720p. I play games at 1920x1080. What would be the best to gain lots of performance and still be able to stream without dipping a lot of fps.
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  1. The 670 would be the better path.
  2. Even at 4.8 your cpu is slower than a low end Sandy Bridge quad at stock speed, so a New video card would be the best upgrade.
  3. That's not strictly true though, since the FX8 beats a sandy in some benchmarks stock vs stock.
  4. the problem is, people with 3570k and 560 can play bf3 at high when streaming at 50-60fps, but me with fx-8120 and 560 with low settings and SAME stream settings can barely get 40fps and my stream is very stuttery.

    I wonder if its cause of the AMD :/ Any ideas ?
  5. No, you're definitely GPU bottlenecked by the GTX560.
  6. yea but why people with 3570k and same ingame and stream settings can achieve better frames overall than my 8core and 560 ?
  7. They can't.
  8. well the proof is on the internet, ive looked at people streams and they seem to have 60-70fps at same settings while im getting 50-60 + even theyr stream is looking better.
  9. But it's not due to the i5 then, not according to any benchmark I've seen.
  10. maybe amd is just bad at encoding ?
  11. are you guys sure its not the cpus fault ?

    a guy with 550ti and i7 2700k at 3.9ghz can get 55-60fps at all times in bf3 when streaming. i drop to 40 etc. o.O
  12. Well you couldn't be sure without trying. Unfortunately my economic situation doesn't allow that :P
  13. yeap, and a guy with same stream settings has 2500k @ 4.5ghz and 560ti and never dips below 60fps o.O

    this just bothers me insanely :/
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