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SLI between two unequal cards

Hey all,

I have two slightly unequal graphics cards: a 560 2GB and a 560 Ti 1 GB. I want to put them in an SLI configuration, but don't know if that's even possible. Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks much.
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  1. As far as I understand you can not do that with Nvidia cards that option is only available with AMD cards and again that is as far as I know since I have not used Nvidia for quite some time.
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    you cannot sli between a gtx560 and a gtx560 ti since they are different cards.

    you need either 2 gtx 560s or 2 gtx560 ti's for sli. Cards with different amounts of memories/ clock speeds/ manufacturers should work tho. (e.g. between a gtx 560 ti 1gb and gtx560 ti 2gb)
  3. sucks cause AMD offers 6950 and 6970 :-)
  4. That configuration would not work. If the cards were say a 560Ti 1gb and a 560Ti 2gb, you would be able to SLI them I believe. But since they are different models you would not be able to use them together.
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