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I have dell inspiron 580s with slim CPU. My pc configuration is i3 processor, 4gb ram, Nvidea8400 GS. I want to buy a new graphic card of ati readon.i dont know which graphic card is best for me i want play in high resolution or in medium resolution whose price should be Rs 5000-Rs 6000. PLz help me
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  1. Arguably the best value ati graphics card on the market is the Hd 6870. what games would you be playing?
  2. buddy it is too costly the price range should be between Rs. 5000 to Rs 6000 INR.This graphic card will not fit in my computer
  3. seeing as most people on this forum are from usa, maybe you should state your ideal price range in their currency, the us dollar. You might find that more people will answer your question if they actually know what price range to look for. and by the way, small form computers arent designed to be playing games at mid to high resolutions. i suggest getting a full size computer which can fit bigger faster cards, it will be a lot more cost effective that trying to squeeze perfomance out out a cheap conputer designed for everyday use such as checking your emails and watching the occasional movie
  4. If your computer is a slim computer, the best you would be able to use is the Radeon HD6670. But I'd recommend a power supply of at least 300W, which I do not think the computer you have has.
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