Help me for best 'n cheap solution

Hello fellas

CPU: AMD 64 Athlon x2 4400 2.3MHz OC to 2.5
Motherboard: ASUS 365 -
RAM: 2Gb`s DDR2 800MHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 8600GT
PSU: Delux Model: DLP 338A ATX-550W P4 ( Dead one :) )
HDD: 250Gb's

I was thinking about

PSU 800W Hantol 20+4pin,600W Real Power, 4xSATA,2xIDE,2XPCI-...
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  1. I would not trust that PSU brand.

    Get something from corsair, seasonic or enermax. 500w should do your system nicely.
  2. Do you have bad experience with Hantol brad ?
  3. It is not a brand I would personally trust. I wouldn't take a risk with something like a power supply from an unknown company.
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