Can this PSU handle it???

Can a 800W Omega psu with 18A on 2, 12V rails run a 6850 GFX card, 1045T 6 core 95W overclocked to 3.5GHZ, and 3 Case Fans?? Or should I go for a Radeon 7770 It includes:

- (20+4) Pin ATX mainboard connectors
- 4Pin Standard drive connectors for HDD and CD-rom CD-RW
- 4Pin 3.5" FDD or ZIP connectors
- SATA Cable included (for new generation SATA drives)
- 8P(4+4) 12V Power connector
- 6Pin Dual pci Express VGA Power Connector
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  1. You may be fine. I would list your favorite games and a budget for more advice.
  2. Mostly for flight simulator X. Also for Fifa 13, Battlefield play for free, Battlefield 3 and racing games. Budget for GFX card is <135 and the PSU is available in my country for $260, about 42US based on conversion rates, but because of shipping and handling, the prices will skyrocket, maybe $300.00 or 46US just for shipping and handling so I have to buy PSU locally though i know the PSU is generic
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