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My PSU, an Enermax Galaxy 1000w (about 6 years old), has erradic fan speed changes which causes the PSU itself to beep. The issue occurs while playing only one type of game, The Sims 3. All other AAA games do not cause a problem. According to ASUS Probe, the fan speed of the PSU is on average, 1824rpm. While playing The Sims 3 only, the fan speed jumps to 46000rpm+ for less than a second on multiple occasions. Everytime the fan speed jumps to this level, the PSU will beep and beep and beep until the fan speed reaches normal levels.

Is this issue due to an old PSU? Or is there something else that might be going on? The case, MB, chip, and GPU, all register low temps and fan speeds. This tells me that the issue is not rlated to overheating of the main components. Thanks for your help.
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  1. well I have never heard of Enermax...its 6 years old...get a new power supply as your current one will break soon. I have never heard of psu doing that
  2. It is an old PSU and sounds to me as though it is ready for the PSU retirement home. The beeping is an overheat warning which is why the fans ramp up then. An option that may give the PSU a little more time before retirement may be to blow it out real good with compressed air to free any dust trapped within. If there is an accumulation of dust inside (you'll know when you blow it clean), you might be able get another year or two out of it. If it isn't all that dusty when you blow it out, replacement will probably be needed.
    Hope it helps
  3. 46,000 rpm? Impossible! Even 4600 (assuming a typo) is very unlikely. Somehow the pulse train signal from the PSU to your mobo's PWR_FAN port is corrupted. It could be things like:
    1. the signal being generated inside the fan motor is faulty;
    2. the wiring carrying the signal from the motor to the mobo port is faulty, causing the signal to appear to contain many more pulses than it should;
    3. The connection of the plug to the port pins at your mobo is dirty. Try unplugging and re-plugging this a few times to scrape the contact clean, and see if that makes a difference.

    By the way, are you sure the beeping is coming from the PSU itself? It could be that the mobo is pushing a warning signal (indicating PSU fan failure) on its own beeper unit. Or, the sound may actually be coming from the PSU, but is a chirping (as in, almost worn out) fan motor bearing, rather than a beep signal.
  4. All,

    Thanks for the quick replys. Yes, according to ASUS Probe Suite 2, the fan speed on the PSU will read 46000rmp to a highest of 56000rpm. I know this is utterly impossible, but it only shows this reading for less than a second than drops back down to standard operating rpm of 1800. The beeping is coming from the PSU - a light changes color on the back. It is deinately a beep and not a chirping from a fan bearing. What I find strange is it only happens when playing The Sims 3. No other game causes the fan to act erradically.

    The PSU is very clean. I have a habit of keeping dust out of my machine. I think I will start a search for a new PSU. Thanks everyone.
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