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Hey guys, does anyone know if these cards would be compatible or work well together?

I already have this:

and I want another 6870 with best price/performance ratio so I was looking at this:

or this:

This one would be fine but its over my budget of approx £140-150 unless I get it second hand.

What do you think? I need to consider 3D capabilities and Eyefinity too right? Do the older cards support it all?

Thanks again for all the support guys.

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  1. They should be compatible as they are from the same chipsets. They also should be Eyefinity compatible. Just make sure your Motherboard support Crossfire and you have a good processor to go with.
  2. in a gaming wise i suggest this one at good price gtx 560 ti

    at 147euro + it will outperform easily and 6870
  3. Monu_08, I already have a 6870 so I need another one to crossfire, thats why Im looking at the ones selected, but thanks anyway! :)

    Refillable, I have a MSI P67A-G45 mobo and an i5 2500k cpu w/8gb ram & 620w psu, should be ok right?
    Do all of these cards support eyefinity, 3 monitor setup and 3D etc.? Or will the card I have (which definitely does support them) provide these features while the secondary card just adds the extra power?
  4. yes normally 6870 requires about 28 amp so for two cards u need at 50 amp i suggest
    tx 850 psu or modular hx 650 they can easily run both resy of the system is nice
    i run my gtx 570 synergy edition at local psu which only have 35 amp but is suggest for
    tx 850 which can easily run these cards it have 70 amp so u can also quad sli my friend use this to run 2 gtx 670 and it run fine
  5. Or could anyone suggest another one I should get? Im really stumped here! X)
  6. i suggest xfx it have more clock rate as compare to asus xfx dual fan version is great one first of all tell me what is the specification of 620 w
  7. u can also check this one this one faster in any 6870 series
    but i suggest xfx for u r budget u can even oc it with msi afterburner
  8. Yey! Cool. So I think the MSI card is above my budget but I think I will go for the XFX. Is there a DD version and a regular double fan version ? It seems to be 2 different ones with double fans on amazon?
  9. dual fan
    i suggest this one as specification have written on it [...] UTF8&smid=
  10. Sorry monu, you're link doesnt seem to work! Can you re-post? Thanks
  11. HA Yep, thats the one I had narrowed it down to. I think thats the one I will get. Thanks for all of your help Monu_08. Very much appreciated!!!

  12. I think you should go with the XFX as you have an XFX older earlier.

    Just for a note, you will not get enough PCI-E power connector for the crossfire 6870 because your PSU only comes with 2. I know it is a hassle, but I do recommend you to upgrade your PSU!. The TX750 is pretty good to go.

    Another option is (I would like you to go for this rather than the other route), get yourself a more expensive card, a 7870. And sell your old 6870.
  13. umm please check my post again.
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