Connecting GFX to PSU properly?

I've recently bought a new graphics card for my PC and it requires two 6-pins to connect it, however I only have a 6-pin and a 6+2 pin available. How would I go about connecting it safely as I don't want to blow anything up or break anything...

Thanks in advance
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  1. the 6 + 2 should still be a pci-e cable

    just means you could use it on a card that needed an 8 pin--but can still use it as a 6 pin

    do you know the make and model of the psu?
  2. It's a 650w XFX Core Edition
  3. XFX Core 650 should have 2*6pin PCIe and 2*6+2pin PCIe power connectors.
    Either of those types can be used to connect to a 6pin graphics card power connector.

    You should have no issues even if you wanted to connect two graphics cards that need two 6pin PCIe power each.
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