6550d vs 7520G

I'm currently buying a laptop for occasional gaming.

I'm expecting equal or superior performance to the Radeon HD 6550D of my A8-3870 APU

I found a laptop with a 7520G APU.... how does it compare to the 6550D ? Will i get equal or superior performance ?

In other words, what does a 6550D equals to if you compare it with laptop GPU ?

Thanks !
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  1. I am actually not sure, cant seem to find much info on the 7520G, but based on the disignation it is a Trinity based APU, the enxt generation of them.

    As for performance it should be much better(17% average) from the reviews of trinity I have read. It should also provide better better battery life as they use much less ower than the Llano range of 6550D.
  2. HD 6550D is much better than 7520G.

    Check hierarchy chart on the right side.
  3. Ok well what about a 7640G then ? Is it equal or better than an integrated HD 6550D from a desktop A8 APU ??
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    It's around equal.
  5. Sunius said:
    It's around equal.

    You are right, but the 7520G has a lower TDP.
  6. Of course, because it's a laptop component, vs other one being desktop one :lol:
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