Gtx690 not working with supermicro

Anybody had issues with gtx690 cards not working with the latest supermicro boards ? I am getting a machine built that seems to work with the gtx680 but not the gtx690
By the way, the board is a X9QRi-f+
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  1. Any motherboard should work with any card, the only problems would be with the PSU output
  2. We have tested the 690 with the same PSU on a different mb and it works fine. So the PSU is not in question. As I mentioned, the board is a X9QRi-F+ so its pretty new. Maybe the bios needs updating ?
  3. Did you try another PCIe slot? I'd contact the motherboard manufacturer and ask them about it.
  4. Find a way to disable onboard graphics first in the bios then use jumpers if available.
  5. Yes, tried both PCIe slots. Same result. Here is what supermicro say ......

    "Naturally we have not validated any Desktop GPU cards on this board

    Theoretical this configuration could work yes but we cannot guarantee anything"

    Really Useful !!!!
  6. I wonder if not supporting SLI has anything to do with it.
  7. The board does support SLI
  8. please see the response he got from the manufacturer then begin helping.

    I'm searching for a related post brb
  9. well i try yo install one gt630 in supermicro h8dcl-if, have bsod, not start windows 7, even into safe mode.
    in other forum some guy suggest amd radeon 7850 but i dont know if work into the build.

    excuse my English I speak Spanish only
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