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Hey there,

I recently bought an ASUS k43sd and i am quite disappointed with the performance of the graphics card (Geforce 610m 2GB). It has an i7 2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz tho.

I would like to improve the performance such that I would be able to play games(Batman Arkham City, etc) smoothly. I was thinking about upgrading my graphics card(Is that even possible? LOL). If that's not possible, would overclocking help(Obviously, but to what extent?) Any other ideas to improve framerate?

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    It is highly unlikely that you would be able to upgrade the GPU. Most laptops have the chips welded to the motherboard and cannot be removed. The only company I know of that has removable GPUs is Alienware.

    Overclocking on laptops is not really a good idea since the whole thing is cooled by just one fan and doesn't have good airflow. It probably won't boost the performance more than 10% anyway. Try at own risk.
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