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Hello I have alienware m17x r2 i7 quad i940xm with mobility radeon 5870 crossfire(2X 1GB).When i go to dxdiag it says i have only 712 approx total memory when i shall have atleast 2 GB and when i go to Can i run it t check if i can runsome games and i search for ARMA 2 it says that i cant play it because my Vram is below recommended.I run Arma But even on low Graphics i can play it only on 25-40 fps.I have thedell drivers frmy alienware. in 3dmark vantage i score 19000 which is ormal for my pc. Please help f there is a wa t increase my approx vram.
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  1. use gpu-z and you will see how much vram you really have. dx is probably showing bogus number like currently used vram or so. anyway i believe that cf is like sli so that in case of cf and 2 cards with 1gb vram only 1gb vram is actually used, other 1gb (prob on secondary card) is left unused
  2. You can try disabling CF just in case. If you get normal results then, it's probably some sort of driver issue.
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