VGA component repair

My laptop screen went blank after some coloured lines appeared but then evn the laptop is not starting up now. The repair guy says the VGA component is gone and I need to change it. I'm i Port Blair Andamans Islands . He says it costs 16000 rupees, do you think it will be that expensive?
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  1. How much is that in USD? What laptop is it?
  2. in usd it cost around 320 $
  3. monu_08 said:
    in usd it cost around 320 $

    Are you sure about that? What currency is it?
  4. yes i m sure i m indian and cost of 1$= 55.00rupees so the i may cost around 300$=
    16000 rupees in indian currency
  5. Is he even from India? You know there are many variants of rupees, not only Indian ones, right?
  6. Okay, then $320 is definitely expensive. Though, it still depends on what laptop it is. If it's $2000 alienware one, the price is reasonable.
  7. I'm from India and I have a compaq presario v6500. Dont know much about other details. did i mention that the laptop is not starting as well..completely dead ...
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