Need help finding laptop! 8 hour RUSH!

I just had a bet with my dad and was looking for a bit of help ;)
So my dad needs a new ultra-thin laptop for work and travel. He recently found a great price for a computer and it has the following specs:

Intel Core i5 1.6GHz

2GB Memory


Intel HD Graphics 3000

since this laptop is $900 He wants to find a better one (if possible) that is very light (like a macbook air) and a small screen (11ish" - 13ish") it must also be NEW! ( or not used, so out of the box unused are still okay).

The grounds of the contest are that the laptop I find must be at the most $700 and that it ship in the US or Canada.

I will be looking for a laptop too, so this would be great help (but I am not only depending upon you guys).


READY.... SET...... GO! :bounce:
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  1. intel i5 with onboard grphics 2gb ram and 64ssd is not worth $900
  2. if tis ultra thin, essentially any ultrabook will essentially fit that bill.
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  4. aicom said:

    Winner Winner chicken dinner.

    I would wait til the end of the month though and get a windows 8 hybrid tablet. Thin and portable. Maybe Microsoft surface or something similar.
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