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Hello, I have had an XFX Radeon HD 6770 for about six months now and the card it appears burnt out on me. Originally there was a burning smell coming from my PC this past friday while playing SWTOR, and my first diagnosis was the PSU due to the scent coming from it and intense heat. Ordered a new one, and after installing it yesterday, realized that psu wasnt the problem, because the scent was still there. After checking the computer again, I focused on my 6770 and realized that the scent came from there. Removed it, put in the old psu and tested it, ran fine. Now the next day, the same scent came back. Could there be residual smell from the 6770 when it burnt up, should I just switch to the new PSU and see if that resolves it. Furthermore, what kind of response can I get from XFX customer support regarding this issue, really enjoyed this card and don't have the money to replace it. Thanks for all the answers and advice!
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  1. Why don't you check the temperature? XFX should be able to replace it if it's faulty.
  2. Is there a way to check the temperature on the computer? Haven't figured that part out. I know the BIOS could tell me maybe, but what about on the OS shell? I'm running Windows 7 64 bit
  3. Yes you can do that with HWMonitor. You can download it from www.cpuid.com

    Make sure to check temperatures when you're gaming and the smell comes, not when idling on desktop!
  4. I have an image saved as a file on my PC displaying all that info, but I don't know how to attach it, so...

    TMPIN0 Value:33 C Min:32 C Max: 33 C
    TMPIN1 Value:54 C Min:44 C Max: 54 C
    TMPIN2 Value:52 C Min:47 C Max: 52 C

    What does this mean? These are the temperature readings.
  5. You can upload the image to www.imageshack.us and post the link to it here. Just don't forget to select "Do not resize" option!

    As for the readings, they are motherboard reading. You need to look at CPU and GPU.
  6. I took out my GPU, it's still has a burned smell after being out all night, I think its shot. I'll upload the image there in a minute.
  7. Here is the image.

  8. The image is relative of an idle Desktop, I will upload another later on in the night, gotta head out to work.
  9. Wait is the card pulled out? Because it's not showing up in the list!

    P. S. Idle temps don't say anything.
  10. Here is the temps, with the card installed, and under load. Running Starcraft 2 on ultra settings.

  11. Well it's definitely not overheating. Does it still do that smell? If yes, I'd contact XFX and ask them to replace it.
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