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First I want to say thanks to this website for assisting me in building my very first personal use rig! I love it!

But I only have one issue that I can't seem to figure out. The Phantom 410 case comes with three fans built in, one near the front panel, one near the top, and a rear panel fan. My issue is with the rear fan. When running idle it makes quite a lot of noise and even with music on, it can still be a bit annoying. Is this normal? Or do I have it connected incorrectly to my fan controller? The other fans speed up and down correctly when I switch the fan controller up or down, however the rear fan is running at a constant speed and making that same idle fan noise.
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  1. dont think its normal

    have you tried connecting it to the motherboard instead of the fan controller?

    if its still too loud on the motherboard you may have a defective fan

    if its ok on the motherboard then you may have somehow connected it wrongly to the fan controller
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