Too HOT?

In Speedfan it shows my SMIOVT4 idling at 55C, ive looked all over the net and cant seem to find what SMIOVT4 even is (I think its ram?). Is that too hot?
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  1. See how it changes with load. Sometimes you get sensors that are not connected and get strange/high temps.
  2. Yeah, i think speedfan is whacked out. BIOS temp shows everything in the green. I guess im just paranoid.

    Thanks for the reply.
  3. speedfan was designed to detect as many sensor chips as it can.

    Problem is not all boards use all the sensor inputs, sometimes that causes strange temperatures to show up.

    One on my boards has a CPUTin @ 60 all the time. Its just a bug ,but I still see it in different software(Speedfan/Hwmon).

    If you just want temps/fan speeds(no control), Try Hardware Monitor. Lightweight and fast.
  4. download this prog and run it then upload massage
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