Thermal paste problem

So a while back i tried building my pc unfortunately the motherboard died. so i took my cpu out (along with the stock intel cooler) and sent it back. It took the shop over 3 weeks to give me my money back and once they did i ordered my asus motherboard which should be here tomorrow, now the problem that thermal paste didn't spread properly it looks a little like this. half of the paste is on the cpu and half on the heatsink.

what should i do now ? leave it and hope it spreads like it should do. or remove it and put some more paste on ?
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  1. remove it and put some more paste on
  2. Remove it and reapply new paste.
  3. Cotton ball with alcohol will wipe it right off. Make sure to clean it good (nice and shiny). Apply new paste and voila.
  4. That was my plan thanks guys :)
  5. That coverage is fine btw, you don't need to cover the entire surface of the heatspreader but yes, anytime you remove the Hs, you should clean and replace the paste
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