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Hello guys!
I have a small problem in choosing a new cooler for my PC. I just got a "new" case from my coworker (kinda HTPC but not exactly - it supports ATX motherboards. HKC, but i can't find the model) and i noticed that my current cooler won't fit (CoolerMaster T2 Blizzard - borrowed from work).
Before that i used Scythe Samurai ZZ but i wasn't happy with it...just didn't fit my expectations.
Essential info:
Phenom 965 x4 @3,4ghz 1,35V (lowered the voltage from 1,45V - the temps were horrible: on that samurai i was BSODing like crazy on BF3 after around 10 minutes or less.
TakeMe 500W - most ppl will telll me to change the power supply but i have it for 4 years and it works like a charm:)
Gigabyte HD7770
1TB WD Caviar green disk
MSI 760G-P43 (FX) mobo.
Front fan, back fan and NB fan added on my own.

Okay, so the thing is: i'm searching for some opinions on small but efficient coolers for my components (no OC will happen).
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Erm.. sorry. I just noticed i put the thread in a wrong place. Can a mod please move it to the proper section?:)
  2. Scythe "Big Shuriken 2" CPU Cooler
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