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Hey I have been wanting to build a personal gaming desktop for gaming/school since I found out making a custom one can be better then buying a store made one.I looking for a really good desktop that will last a decent amount of years and wont cause problems too much over time.

Budget Range: Up to 1k, With 100 dollars more for extra things I may need

System Usage: Gaming,School Work,and watching videos online

Parts Required:A wireless gaming keyboard and mouse that match with desktop design.A gaming mike and a headset And a monitor that not too expensive and will pay up to 100-200 dollars more just in case.Must all match Black-Red design for case.

Overclocking:I will motley be playing day Z mod for arma 2 so probably may need it.

Desktop Resolution: I really dont want a small one.Want a decent one which can be used a lot.

Additional Comments: I'm am sorry if its not lot of information to work with but I really want to have a decent computer which will work well and high frames.

Case:I would prefer a Black-Red case that looks kinda like this.

Cpu and Motherboard:Your preference I really don't know what to pick. Sorry i am such a newb at this.

Ram: Duel GB ram from a decent company.
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    check that out, right on budget. but i know nothing about headsets and such so maybe someone else can step in?

    hope this helped
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