EVGA FTW vs gigabyte windforce vs Asus top gtx 670!?

which one!?

which one is most reliable...
evga + gigabyte board are the same price at £320

asus one however is £350... O:

any opinions thanks
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  1. I would personally go for the EVGA card as it is clocked higher than the other 2 cards and from experience the customer service from EVGA has been exceptional. ASUS card is more expensive (my 560ti's were) but the aftermarket cooler is very efficient at low fan speed meaning that you may be able to go higher than the EVGA card but as you mentioned reliability I would go EVGA so all your bases are covered in case anything for any reason does go wrong.
  2. id get neither. id get the msi gtx670 power edition. slightly better cooler than asus and gigabyte (way better than ftw) and it has software overvolting (which isnt possible on any other 670)

    the power edition sells for 329.99 at novatech
  3. I have spent months researching this. I going to go with the Evga FTW because the factory overclock and the warranty can't be beat. I will be purchasing this card by the end of the month so if you are still looking I will post how well it is running. I have a msi 5770 atm and their customer service is sub par I had to rma it when I got it 2 years ago and it was such a pain. The FTW has a really good cooling design so I think it will be a good card. Just wanted to through my 2 cents in there. I know how hard it is deciding which GPU to get. =)
  4. msi is pretty nice. in canada, the RMA depot is like a 2 hr drive away so it doesnt take long

    the ftw cooler and pcb is sub par compared to the msi. not to mention msi has a higher overclock. also, i know they were kinda crap a a year or 2 ago but they did step up and fixed most of the bad things.

    not trying to be a fanboy but the card is better than the 670s that i know of
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