MOBO and Power Supply Advice for Build this Weekend

Approximate Purchase Date: this weekend for some of the parts at least

Budget Range: 600-800 (without monitor or graphics card)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: mostly for media PC (hooked up to my 50" TV), but I would like to be able to play games on it (Star Craft 2, CS: Global Offensive, Diablo 3)

Are you buying a monitor: No
Parts to Upgrade: Pretty much everything, my last build was 8+ years ago
Do you need to buy OS: Yes
Preferred Website(s) for Parts:
Location: Boise, ID (USA)
Overclocking: Maybe
SLI or Crossfire: Probably not, at least not in the near future
Your Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 for my 50" HDTV

Additional Comments: quiet would be nice (it will be used a lot for Netflix, watching movies, etc), and also I am looking for it to be flexible and upgradeable in the future.

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: I've been using my laptop, and it just can't handle the TV at really high resolution.

Parts so far:

(1) CPU: Intel i5-3750K - $230

(2) SSD: Samsung 830 Series 128GB - $100

(3) Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (4GBx2) - $37

(4) CPU Cooling: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus - $30 ($20 after MIR)

(5) OS: Windows 7 Home OEM - $100

(6) Case: Antec Three Hundred ATX Mid Tower - $40 (weekend deal on Newegg)

Total: $537 so far

Need advice on what to get for MOBO and Power Supply. I'm leaning towards not getting a video card for now and picking one up for Christmas or Black Friday. It is only a couple months and from what I've seen the integrated graphics (HD 4000) can get me by until then.

MOBO - I want reliabile and upgradeable. At least one or two USB 3.0 ports, a couple spots for SATA 6GB/s. Maybe the ASRock P67 Extreme4 for $140? Or is that excessive for what I need?

Power Supply - main thing is very reliable and powerful enough for what I've listed above. Also at least somewhat quiet (not sure if it really adds much noise or not).

Also any comments on my choices above would be great. Especially any problems with compatibility, but I think that would more depend on the MOBO. Thanks in advance!
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  2. Thanks! That looks like it will work for the mother board and save me some money.

    What about power supply? Any advice on that? Also I realized I didn't figure out a HDD for files (besides the stuff installed on the SSD).
  3. Well these are the cheapest decent ones unless your not going to want that much space on the hard drive also your going to buy a video card in the future correct?
  4. Hi polsoy,

    I would recommend going with AMD vs. Intel on price/performance. You simply get ripped off with Intel. I strongly recommend the new AMD Trinity A10 processor for excellent GPU + CPU performance. For what you need (HPTC + light gaming) the AMD A10 Trinity APU is ideal.

    CPU/GPU: AMD Trinity A10 5800K ($125 NewEgg). The HD7660 GPU performance is as good as dedicated cards (see Tom's Trinity reviews).

    Mobo: ASRock FM2A75 Pro4 ($79 NewEgg): 2x PCIe, 5x SATA 6GB/sec, 6x USB 3.0, HDMI out, Realtek 8Ch HD audio, optical out. ASRock is making the best mobos these days. I've bought more than 10 different ASRock boards over the past 3 years now and never had to RMA one.

    Power suppy: Rosewill CAPSTONE-450-M 80 Plus Gold PSU ($64.99 NewEgg). You simply can't find a better PSU for the money! The CAPSTONE series is an awesome value for 80 Plus Gold level performance and quality.

    With this AMD build you'll save a hell of a lot of money vs. an Intel build and most likely get better performance (definitely better GPU performance vs. Intel) and you can avoid having to get a dedicated GPU.
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