What screwdriver set do you recommend for building an ATX desktop?

I'd like to buy one off Amazon UK but I'm unsure of which ones usually fit when setting up a desktop PC. Do the screwdrivers usually have to be of a specific type, or just with any old functional set works?
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  1. just a star head/phillips is all you need. 1 driver will do it all.
  2. Get a long one that is pre-magnetized. I use a 16" (19 overall) long #1 phillips head. The magnetizing will keep the screws from falling off when you assemble/disassemble.
  3. Does the Phillips Head Number, in this case number 1, define all that I need to know about a screwdriver? What do the millimetres referred to in screwdriver descriptions mean, because I've read Number 1 screwdrivers being in association with anything from 40mm to 100mm or so?

    Thanks for the input
  4. Just a regular normal sized star-head, or phillips screwdrivers from any hardware store, dollar store, whatever. you're over-complicated a screwdrivers.
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