I have been creating 3D Models using the likes of Cinema 4D and 3DS Max, I also am a video editor and use a lot of Adobe After Effects for animation and motion graphics. I'm looking to build my very own machine so that It can support these applications.

I have a Zalman Z11 Plus case lying about so the enclosure is already there. I would like the ability to add in an Intel 520 240GB or 120GB SSD Drive and have been looking at NVIDIA Quadro GPU's. I would also like to add as much memory as I can as it is cheap to buy so why not have about 32gigs worth of it?

I have a budget of around £800. I am no expert in building machines and therefore would like as much advice as possible to help me with this build.

What I would like to know is what options I have for:

1) Motherboard - (been recommended Asus Sabertooth)
2) Processor - (been recommended Intel i7-3770k)
3) Memory - (been recommended G.Skill RipJaws X)
4) Power Supply
5) DVD RW Drive
6) Hard Disk Drive
7) GPU (been recommended NVIDIA Quadro Range)
8) CPU Cooler
9) Thermal Compound

and anything else you can recommend?

If you need more info please just ask, thank you.
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  1. I'd say a I7 3770K and a Nvidia 670 should be fine and you should be able to add a Coolermaster 212+ for a heat-sink on top of this i would try to find a Antec 900 watt gamer series.

    Sorry i cant post links but toms really needs a british section lol.
  2. What Quadro card are you looking at?

    I need help on a GFX card for a similar build.Looking at the HD7870.

    Will this be suitable to run the softwares like After effects, Maya, Max etc.
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