My PC won't start!

My specs are:
Intel i7 2600(stock heatsink)
Seagate Barracuda 1 TB

My PC suddenly shut down while I was using it. It was on for a while though(About 24+ hours I guess). I immediately opened the cabinet, but the light on the Motherboard is on so I guess that there is no problem with the Motherboard(or the Power Supply). When i press the power button nothing happens. The heatsink dosen't start spinning, nor do the case fans. The power LED's in the Cabinet do not turn on either.

From a little research online I was able to determine that I might be facing one of the following problems:
The Power Supply is faulty
The Motherboard is faulty
The Power button is dead
The CPU or the Heatsink is dead(or faulty contacts)

All this was generic information though and I want some advice specific to my situation and help in confirming or ruling out the above problems and finding out what happened.

Please help me guys!
Any and all help is welcome!!


PS. My roommate said that there was a burning smell coming from the Cabinet, but since I had a stuffy nose I did not smell it.
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  1. Even if your motherboard light is on it can still be a faulty motherboard. Ring up asus customer service. dont be shy they will help you. Try to test the power supply if you can also.
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