Is my monitor or GPU gone bad?

I've recently built my own PC. Im running two EVGA GTX 680's in sli on a single Asus V229 display. The problem is everytime I boot my PC I get an HDMI no input signal and I have to turn my Asus display on and off at least 10 times before my bios will show up and then it will actually stay on and run. Does this mean that I need a new display or is my GPU going bad? I really hope its my display bcz these GPU's are not cheap!
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  1. and the cable is tight at both ends and/or you tried a different cable and/or you tried with only 1 card and then the other ? ( physically removed from sli mode )
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    If once the monitor is working it stays on, and you can turn it off and on and it's still good, no crashes, etc..., it's probably the monitor. If it was the video card you would probably have random times when you loose the display. But easy to test, try a different connection and could also try a different monitor.
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