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Alright, So basically I have a Few years old Computer that i'm using for a while now, The Problematic is the Video card:The one and only Nvidia MSI 9500GS (Low end)i have to run games at 1024x768 on lower and it laggs.So My Question is : What Best Video Card I can get with my current Spec, considering i just want to put money on a card, and no other piece.My Power Supply is a '' HIPRO 350 Watt '' My big main Problem is that the case is Really small , its a HP Pavilion a6752f that i bought in 2008 or so the Dimensions are :
9.6 x 6.9 x 16.3 inches

Motherboard : PEGATRON CORPORATION Benicia
CPU: Intel core Quad Q8200 (2.33ghz)
Actual GPU: Nvidia MSI 9500GS
RAM: 4Gb DDR2 400mhz
OS: Vista Home Premium 64Bit SP2

so my Question is Can i run basic 500 Series with my case or i need a '' low profile card '' ?
Here is a pic of the back and what i mean, it seems to only use like a slot, and the 550ti seems larger, Would it fit ? Evga 550ti

Do you guys have ideas of what kind of Card i could Put in there considering the case and that i want to RUN Newest games like Bf3, Ghost Recon, Max Payne and other Graphics-intensive game ?
I don't want to change the power supply of 350w BUT, if i really need to, i have like a budget of 150-200$ max For both videocard and Power supply
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  1. If you go for that GTX550ti I do advice you to grab a new PSU of atleast 400W.
  2. But is the 550ti Would fit ? My case seems to use single slot cards only
  3. Well the 9500 GT is 6.875 inches long (Couldn't find any specs on the 9500 GS cause it's an OEM card, but it's based on the 9500 GT so I'm assuming the same size). The GTX 550ti is 8.25 Inches long. Does it look like there is an extra ~1.5 inches of clearance in your case?

    And you definitely need a new PSU if you are going to upgrade. Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling, XFX, and Enermax all make good PSUs.
  4. 9600GT/Radeon 6670, maybe. Though i'm leaning towards the 6670. This is if you'd want to avoid buying a PSU.

    Otherwise 550 Ti/Radeon 6770/9800GT would do fine with a 400-450w PSU.
  5. Thanks For the reply, Really useful. I figured out a Full card would work.
    And for the Power supply Im thinking of getting this

    With The Radeon HD 7750 1GB

    I heard Good Feedback, Main reason is it doesnt need much power, And i do not Need auxiliary power. Can Someone just tell me if the PSU would Handle it and that its not TOO crappy ?
  6. I think the 7750 would probably be a good fit for you (unless you wanted to try the 7770). Check the back of your PC. The Sapphire card take 2 slots, the HIS card only takes one. That's really the only difference between them.

    For a PSU, you'd be better off with: for only a few dollars more. PSUs are not a place to buy off-brand.
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