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I have gotten into a computer that needed a new CPU heatsink (other broke) and finished setting it up. Before when I did not know the heatsink was the problem, the computer would turn on for a second and then off, and I only did this twice. But now I have booted into the computer after the new heatsink and thermal paste and it works. First it gave me a warning saying that CMOS and Time was not set, but after I set them I did not get that warning anymore.

However, the LED to my computer (the power button) flickers orange, stops, and then will sit on orange for half a second and then repeat the process (not the light on the mobo). The computer is up and running, so I don't know what this problem could be. I need this PC alive until I can move all my software and files over to an external HDD and that will take some time.

Could it be the power supply or how I rehooked the cords up on the inside? Because when I first took the computer apart after the heatsink problems, the light was blue, and then I hooked the cords up again and the orange light appeared.


PSU: Power Man 350W
Mobo: P5L-MX
CPU: Intel Pentium 4

I have an extra PSU if it is the problem. It is a Turbolink Switching Power Supply LC-A420ATX, which I think is a 420W PSU. Should I try it?
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    Well, I tried the other PSU. Fits fine, cables are right but still the orange flickering light and with it, no monitor display. When I power the computer on, I hear the normal boot sound, if that information is needed.

    Someone told me it could simply be that the HDD led cord is fried and it doesn't matter, but I would like to fix the issue and if not that, I would like to get my monitor to display again.
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