Radeon hd 6670 ddr3 or ddr5

ok this question has been asked before but it still does not make sense to me. i am buying a radeon hd 6670 and i can either buy 1 gb ddr3 for $70 or 1gb ddr5 for $90-100. is ddr5 really worth an extra 20-30 dollars because every website i search says something different.
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  1. It would depend on how avid a gamer you are really, but personally given the price difference is pretty negligible, I'd go with the DDR5 model. My reasoning would be pretty simple, in that the DDR5 card is likely to last a little longer with acceptable performance than the DDR3 model. Maybe not much, but even if I can put off buying a new card for one more new game, that can easily be worth the $20-30 difference in price now.
  2. The GDDR5 model isn't worth the money. That price range is too close to the 7750, which is a more powerful card. If you don't have the money for the 7750, then get the DDR3 model. Otherwise, 7750.

  3. thanks for replying so quickly thats actually extremely helpful
  4. Get the HD 6670 GDDR5 (It's worth over the DDR3). You better check prices (e.g in Newegg) before you make a decision. If could add a few bucks more then take the HD 7750.

    Here in Philippines, The sapphire hd 6670 gddr5 is around $82-85 USD only.
  5. Yeah, Go for 7750 if u could stretch ur budget ...............
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