GTX680: D3 Lag spike at 2560x1440

Heys guys.

I'm getting lag spikes once in a while with large groups in D3 (usually Act 3)

I have settings maxed at 2560x1440 -shadows in High Smooth (max setting)

I play in Full windows mode (as I have two other flanking monitors I like to mouse-over for 2D applications).

Now its only sometimes and its rare, my FPS would drop down to 2fps for a few seconds (sometimes 10 seconds).

I have V-Sync enabled and 99% of the time I get constant 60fps with V-sync enabled.

VRAM is under 700mb
GPU Load: 50-60%
Heat is a consistent 75C.
CPU usage does not go over 13%
If I turn off VSYNC it goes to about 120+FPS with 100% GPU load. -but I always play in full windows mode
Just formated my computer -So i have the newest drivers avaible.

•I turned down Shadows to Medium Smooth and I have no issues.

Is this driver related? Game coding? Or my rig just isn’t up for Shadows High Smooth?

This has been hapening since release so I know a rollback on GPU drivers won't fix this.
My internet connection hardlined in and my connection is not the issue.

Anyone have similar cases? I assumed a GTX680 would have no issues at 2560x1440 on especially D3.

Rest of my rig is on my signature.

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  1. Its most likely just Diablo 3. The fact that the game requires you to be connected to Blizzards servers which arent the best. I run the game at either 1920x1080 or 5760x1080 when I switch to EyeFinity. Either way I can easily get 120+fps if I cut off Vsync, but I still get lag and the "rubber band" effect.
  2. But it doesnt happen when I set the shadows to Smooth Medium. Which I find strange.

    What is rubberbanding?
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