MSI or PowerColor HD7770

So I'm trying to decide which card I should get. Both are the same price at $125, and are GHz edition. The problem I need help with is that the PowerColor is slightly smaller, but has no reviews at all on NewEgg. The MSI on the other hand is slightly bigger, but has 5 eggs. I know it seems like a no brainer, but I have no idea what they can be overclocked to, and if the PowerColor being Crossfire ready (I don't plan on buying to, so I won't be using Crossfire) would also affect performance at all. I do plan on overclocking for better performance so I don't know which one I should get.

As far as Core Clock/Effective Memory Clock/RAMDAC/Stream Processors go, they're the same at 1000MHz/1125MHz/400MHz/640.

I just want to make the better purchase without regretting anything, but I wanted to see if anyone knew anything about the PowerColor first. Here's the links if necessary:


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    do you mind spending 20 more bucks? with 20 more dollars after MIR, you can get a 6870 and it would perform much better
  2. it should support it. you need 500w to power this card. 400w is doable still
  3. Idk if that's compatible with my current rig. I'm also upgrading my Power Supply to 450W, but I don't think my motherboard or processor will support the 6870.

    I have a Foxconn H-RS880-uATX (Aloe) motherboard, and a Phenom II X4 910 processor.
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