Amd Stock cooler replacment help!

So, i bought a Phenom ii x4 965 BE processor, i have not overclocked or anything. But man can that stock cooler fan be loud sometimes. I have to turn it down to like 50% speed in order for it to be a little quiet. But any time i do anything it goes right back up.
I have never replaced a cooler for a processor before so im not sure what would be good/compatible with it. I also wouldnt mind doing some light overclocking in the future.

So if you guys could make a few suggestions on what to replace the fan with, or would i have to replace the whole cooler?
I do not need anything extravagant. In between 10-20 dollars American Thank you!
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  1. First thing is find out the socket of your motherboard/CPU (in this case AM3), then just go sites like newegg, tigerdirect, ebay, whatever youre comfortable with, and find a cooler that is compatible with AM3 or one where you can get an adapter for it. Are you looking to spend a good amount on cooling? Or just something like $20-30. Something like the Hyper 212+ Evo (that many people comment about) will easily lower your temperatures, be able to OC a little bit, and be quieter than your stock fan. Feel free to check for your own Heatsinks.

    Also note, you'll probably want to clean the thermal paste off of your CPU and apply new paste if you do decide to replace the entire heatsink (easily done, and most heatsinks will already come with thermal paste).
  2. if i replace the fan i have to replace the heatsinc? im not really worried about temps or anything just noise, and no i dont want to spend much
  3. clipso said:
    if i replace the fan i have to replace the heatsinc? im not really worried about temps or anything just noise, and no i dont want to spend much

    Nope, you can replace just the fan. Do you know the size of the fan? Your PC is just doing what is 'best' for the CPU when it ramps up the speed of the fan to cool off the heatsink since the CPU is under high load. You could check out online for cheaper fans that are the same size and would fit the heatsink itself, and make sure that the dba levels are lower and higher cfm the better. anything around 25dba to me is fine, kind of like a whisper, audible, but not too loud, otherwise, under 20dba is pretty silent (a lot of the times you will sacrifice performance for sound).
  4. A cm 212 evo for $30 has one 120mm fan and usually the bigger the fan it runs slower and makes less noise. A cm Tx3 is basically a smaller version of the evo but with a 92mm fan and $20, and of course a smaller fan usually has to spin faster to perform like a 120, but prob nothing like the stock cooler. The evo one 120mm fan can spin at 600-2000rpm with 9-36dBA and the tx3 800-2600 and 17-35dBA. So basically the same noise levels at high speeds but at slow speeds the evo is def lower.

    As said u can just replace the fan on the stock cooler, but id still go on a new one just to the fact that a better heatsink will cause the fan to run at slower speeds
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