Will a 6950 fit in my case?

decided to buy a 6950 at the end of the month and im wondering, will it fit in my case? i have a nzxt apollo, im also gettin the XFX 6950
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  1. do you already have the case? if you do, just go measure the opening from the expansion slots to the hard drive bay. the card you want is a 10.08" card, so if the space is bigger then it will
  2. The card is actually 11.3''x4.38'' (28.7cmx11.1cm). As carowden said, just measure it. I hope you didn't order the card already...
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150549&Tpk=XFX%206950

    this i just what i got when i copied and pasted it into newegg, so i dont know which one he is getting exactly
  4. Interesting. Doesn't matter really, just measure for 11.3''. If it fits that, it will fit 10.08'' as well.
  5. hahaha very good point
  6. im upgrading so i already got the case and its 30cm(12 inches) from slot to hdd bay so it will be a squeeze, its also the 1gb version with single fan on it, i guess if it dont fit ill just have to make room or get a new case
  7. sounds like itll fit just fine then. is that lower hard drive bay in the case removable? also what motherboard are you using? if the lowest pcie slot is x16, you can potentially put the card down there, that is if it doesnt fit up on the first slot, and if the lower hard drive bay is removeable
  8. also have you already bought the 6950? if youre stuck on the 6950, there are better deals (assuming youre buying brand new)



    these are just 2, but theyre 50 and 5 bucks less (respectively) and they are 2gb
    just food for thought

    i found the card i think youre talking about getting at $255 just so you know where my price differences came from
  9. unfortunately im from UK and newegg dont ship to uk (from a google search) and i havent bought the card yet so i still have time to shop around. the card is manufacture refurbished with a 1 year warranty at £120 (around $190) and these cards new are about £160 on other sites
  10. okay i got ya. yeah thats not terrible then. im sorry, i should have asked that first. i dont think youre getting a bad card or anything, but i was just seeing if you could do better with the same or less money
  11. amazon dont seem to do as good as a deal like ebay does
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