Which is better hd 6450 or gt 520?

Which one is better GT 520 or hd 6450 both of them are low profile cards that would be running along i3-2120 3.3ghz processor.
And would be powered by a 220 watt power supply.

Hd 6450 link:

Gt 520 link:
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  1. dude, you need a new power supply. at least 400w to be safe. then you should get a nice video card like a 6870 or a 7850

    there is a 450w psu for around 40 pounds
  2. Well you see i have the dell inspiron 660s, ant it is a slim pc, ant their is not much space for a normal psu, i need a desent gpu that would be able to run on a 220 watt psu.
  3. unless dell was a ass and decided not to use atx size power supplies, this will fit fine. its smaller than my hand

    not to mention dell put nearly zero head room for upgrades given the tiny psu

  4. You see i would get that psu no problem but dell is an ass as you said :) Do you have any advice what gpu i should get???
  5. you can probably seat a 7750 with no problem. find one for a good price.
  6. You think that??? What if i put it in the system and the psu is to weak, what would happen??
  7. I wouldn't trust a 7750 with 220w. The power supply linked would not work in a slim case.

    The 6450 is faster and consumes less power than the 520.
  8. What about the 6570 would the psu be able to handle that?
  9. it will be a bit iffy but probably. I can't really recommend it but its likely to work.
  10. Ok, ill probably get the 6450 Thanks for all the advice appreciate
  11. just remember that a 6450 performs like hd3000 graphics which isnt too much of a improvement over hd2000 graphics onboard the i3 2120
  12. Ill keep that on mind, thanks any way
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