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if i use an analog connector to --- lets say a SB z ---- will the headphones be amped or do i have to connect vis digital?
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  1. u can buy an adapter for that

  2. iceclock said:
    u can buy an adapter for that


    u mean analog to digital adapter...because only digital connect uses amp?
  3. yes. from what i think anyways. im no expert tho in audio.

    just an idea of what i think u need.
  4. my surrouc headphones have 3 - 5.1 speaker leads and 1 mic lead, plus a usb hookup for power....i have an old audigy i'm using --- if newer cards that have amplifiers only on digital then i dont think i'd see an improvement with a newer card....unless i adapted the analog to digital ? --- thaqt would seem to defeat the purpose since i believe the analog outputs on the card are more specific rather than the 'virtual' sound generated by digital??????? can someone confirm this please?????
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