GTX 275 reaching 90 degrees celcius

Just a quick question, is it ok for my GTX275 to be reaching a temp of 90 degrees celcius?
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  1. Ok cheers, I do clean out my pc once a month, but ill give my graphics card a real good dusting. :D
  2. It's not critical, the max temperature is 105 degrees. It's kind of high though, you should clean out the dust that's probably clogging up the heatsink.
  3. Yeah and remove the panel if you can. I'd imagine that if it's a reference cooler on it there will be a whole herd of dust bunnies in there.
  4. Ahhh much better removed the whole thing, completely cleaned it out, reapplied heat-sink compound, now it runs idle at -47 and goes up to -77 on bf3, thanks for the tip :)
  5. No problem, I'm always glad to help.
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