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Hello I'm New here :)

I have recently bought myself a new 560 GTX gcard. Unfortunately after plugging in my VGA cable into the graphics card and turning on my pc. My TV/moniter gave me a no signal message, everything inside the PC was whirling away (In a good way).

I've tried getting BIOS to launch just though the PCI-express slot to no avail. But I can get some kind of visual when I use the onboard VGA. When trying to update the graphics drivers though the onboard stuff, I keep getting an error tell me it ethier can find the gcard or its not compatable.

I have feeling that was something too do with the fact it wasn't plugged into my gcard time whilst trying to install drivers.

I really would like to get to the source of this problem, I have slight feeling its something to do with my motherboard. Sorry i cant provide information on it right now, as im on the laptop.

Anyway I hope you peeps can help :3


Edit:Ummm I don't know where to find info for my MoBo... :(
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  1. To find info for your mobo, you can use CPU-Z. http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html

    Just download the .rar version and extract it. Run it and check the "Mainboard" tab. It should give you info about it.

    The question here is, what is make and model of your PSU.
  2. I figured It wasn't my PSU as i bought new just because of the new graphics card. The new one has about 650 W, which is fine for gcard.

    and thanks for the download, il get it now and post the info.

    Edit:heres the info



    Another Edit:... I fixed it, I didn't realise i had to have two PCI Express plugs inserted into, when i only just had the one.
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